Sunday, December 27, 2009

The hiatus is over...

Or rather, it's about to be. After 4 months hidden away, I'm about to pull The Summer Ball out of hiding and get back to work on it. It seems that some of the ladies on the Yahoo Jane Austen stitching board have recently started the pattern, or are about to start it, so I'll have some company.

I'm going to decide this weekend if I'm going to re-start on some Aida, or if I'm just going to continue with the original start, knowing that I'll have to add a strip of muslin to the fabric for framing. No matter what I decide, I'll be putting some grid lines in before I stitch one single stitch!

I'll start stitching on this one again on January 1--I wonder if I can finish it in a year?


  1. Can't wait to watch your progress! I did acquire the charts and would like to stitch it but I just finished one huge project and am not ready to start another big one yet.

    There is a Sandy Littlejohns group on Facebook if you want to join & spread the word. ;)

  2. Hi Ladies,

    The facebook group seems to be falling by the wayside due to the never ending difficulties with facebook. It's a shame as we both love meeting up with the people that like stitching our designs. Maybe it'll improve!

    Good luck with the Summer Ball :-)
    Deb and Sandy